I am

- a spiritual, emotional and intuitive healer.

- a channel for the source, the goddess and

our brothers and sisters from the light.

- a grid worker and gatekeeper,-

- a divine blueprintholder and manifestor of the new earth 

A great transformative power guides me from within.

For many years I have been working on my own

ascension process - to support Gaia and all people,

who have served me as a mirror, as brothers and sisters.

I work for the light, the new earth - where we will live

in peace, freedom and joy.

Where we express our heartfelt wishes together

and manifest in mutual respect.

About me and my spiritual path

I was born in a small town in northern Germany.

Here I attended the secondary school until 1972 .

Then I moved to a vocational school in Bad Rothenfelde, -

which I graduated as a state -approved Gymnastics teacher .

In 1991, my son Daniel was born, the greatest gift in my life!

At the end of the 90s, I completed a training as a registered nurse.

My spirituality was awakened in 1985 through a book

by Shirley Mac Laine's "Life in the Light".

In my journey of searching for clarity and inner peace,

in contact and support with my higher, or true self,

I have cleared many "old clothes", belief systems,

Emotions, aso.

My channel gradually became lighter and wider step by step.

As a medium, I serve the light and I am supported by the divine

Power and my brothers and sisters of the light.

Seminars, workshops and times of self-reflection have

strengthened me in my self.

Here are some important trainings on my spiritual path:


Berlin, 1990: Inauguration in Kriya Yoga with Peter van Breukelen


Berlin, May 1993: Training Alchemical Hypnotherapy after David Quickley.


Berlin, May 1996: Therapeutic Touch, From the Heart through the Hands, by Maud Nordwald Pollock


Konstanz, December 2005, "Sincere Communication", after

M. Rosenberg


Berlin, January 2012, Kinesiology and EFT in the healing room with Silvia Astfalk.


Herrsching am Ammersee, July 2012, Matrix Power I & II by Thomas Meyer and Monika Gössl


Vienna, October 2012, Matrix Quantum Transformation Level I


Starnberg, August 2014

Training as a Spiritual Healer with Monika Walbert & Thomas Lang, trained at the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healer)

in England.


Munich Farach, November 2015 Matrix Quantum Healing and Systemic Setup with Monika Walbert.


Training/Education-Akasha-Reading , 2017 with Gabrielle Orr


About my work

° Spiritual and emotional healing work

° distant healing

° past life sessions

° Systemic constellation work / ancestral healing

° Clearing- persons / rooms / places

° Readings- Akasha / Life Coaching

° light language

Spiritual healing work

Spiritual healing has the goal to activate the self-healing powers.

It's about the unity between body, spirit and soul.

Illness arises in the spirit and therefore healing takes place here.

The Spiritual Healer is a conduit for supportive, harmonizing and "regulating,"correcting" energies that pass from the spiritual level through the channel, the hands of the spiritual healer to the client. These energies are noticeably soothing and relaxing. Deep healings can take place.

Spiritual healing is based on a holistic world and human image.

It assumes that the world and each individual being is an animated,

complex, natural, energetic system - imbued with a universal creative power, a universal consciousness, - the divine power.

This power is healing. The true self is directly connected with this force, the source of all being.

Distant healing

In spiritual healing, as with all other energetic healing, it is also possible to heal from a distance.

The person to be treated does not necessarily have to

be in the immediate vicinity.

This method is even much more intense and very effective.

Past life sessions

In past life sessions previous incarnations are processed

and clarified, - to transform visible and unseen blockages, fears, relationships with all its patterns etc. from the current life to heal.

Through an effective relaxation technique and with the help of your Higher Self, feelings and images from past lives, through which I accompany and guide you, are shown,

in support of the spiritual world, - the ascended masters, - angels, brothers and sisters of the light.

Matrix work (quantum healing 2-point method)

In quantum healing, findings from quantum physics are used.

By connecting to the original matrix, the divine blueprint and using the so-called 2-point method, transformation and self-healing powers are activated.

Everything is possible in a light and playful way - on many levels.

The true self is multidimensional!

Systemic setup with matrix quantum healing and 2-point method

relationships determine our lives, - we are in relationship with everything and everyone, - with people, - with our profession, -

with money, with our environment.

The "spirit of a relationship," or the energy form of a relationship

changes over time.

However, it is also subject to certain rules and laws that are determined by the relationship partners.

When the "energy form", or the spirit of a relationship stagnates, - i.e. does not "flow", or is blocked, - there are "disturbances and possible conflicts.

Through the constellation work disturbances, - blockages are transformed/healed.

Through the work of the systemic setup and the 2-point method different topics can be worked on:

Relationships with various partners, such as love partners,

business partners,

Friends, animals etc

the topic of finance / money

the profession / vocation

the health etc.

Ho'oponopono, -

The forgiveness ritual in Hawaiian is an important part in the

constellation work.

Relaxation Exercises / Visualizations / Imagination Techniques:

The most important prerequisite for positive and supportive improvements on the physical ,- soul and spirit level are relaxation techniques.

Here energies will be harmonized and rebalanced.

It also requires spaces of silence and retreat.

The body regenerates itself, -brain waves change in alpha and theta waves, in deep relaxation there can even be delta waves measured.

With the visualization and imagination technique, we can have a positive holistic effect on our well-being through inner pictures, symbols, affirmations,etc.

Promoting internal processes are stimulated and supported.

Eft: Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFTs are based on the assumption that negative emotions cause an

interruption of the body's energy system. Through a meridian knocking technique at certain points on the body, energy blockages dissolve.

This method has a positive effect on a wide variety of stressful situations.

Clearing: spaces, people, places,

Clearing refers to cleaning, or exemption from external energies

on the etheric level.

Etheric entities are "held fast" or "stuck" in places, in rooms or even squares.

Places where frequent strife "manifests" - or there are minor to major

accidents - are significant for these incidents.

Even so-called lost souls stay in these places.

In terms of persons, it is about entities that have nestled or settled in the aura of a "host."

These energies are often very persistent and "rebellious",

it sometimes requires clients encouragement to persuade a "host" to go into the light with the help of the spiritual world.

In addition, the aura can show implants, neg. chips, up to holograms and installations - which reinforce the "stuck situation" in neg. Emotions and states of mind.

During the clearing, the energies are "located" with the help of my

clairvoyance and my spiritual guides and helpers, removed from

the aura with various methods, lovingly and as gently as possible.

Wonderful tool for this deep and intense process is light language.

Light Language:

The light language is a wonderful tool of healing at the present time. Directly from the source, born of sacred geometry. Coded

and individually adapted, it is transmitted spontaneously, simultaneously and at the speed of light. The healing is immediately noticeable, - the change "inevitable".

Intuitively as a medium, I receive these frequencies and enjoy

feedback over and over again - where the emotion and the direct putting into other dimensions were felt.

Activation of the 13-strand DNA

The activation of the 13-strand DNA leads to a profound healing of old oppressive energies and belief systems. Connections to the DNA coding of the New Age and to the new grids of the 5th dimension are made possible.

Profound healing and trust in the divine order happens.

By re-activating the DNA strands, changes take place down to the cell level.

Each cell is reprogrammed, and through merging with the Central Sun, Alcyone, is constantly experiencing new light information from the Divine Source that activates and integrates the knowledge and awareness of the

new time. Our entire system will be adjusted.- "




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